ISSERLIS, Paul Clark


Paul Clark Isserlis
26 April 1946 – 2 January 2022 

Paul was born, with his twin Joseph, in Morton in Marsh, Gloucestershire, UK. The family moved to London and then Rochester to live on a Thames river barge which probably started Paul’s love of the sea. At eleven the family moved to Scotland, finally settling in Edinburgh. Here he studied marine navigation but poor colour discrimination led to his not qualifying for his officer’s ticket. He also married Liz and had a son, Roy. He joined the merchant navy as an able bodied seaman for a number of years before emigrating to Canada in in the early 70’s and worked on the BC coast. He discovered Salt Spring and stayed there for many years.

His twin passions were boats and motor cycles, only learning to drive a car in his sixties. He captained reconstructions of HBC fur trade York boats from Rocky Mountain House to Fort Edmonton Park and from Fort Edmonton to Lower Fort Garry in Manitoba. These historic trips were later complemented by his joining the support vessel to the RCMP MV St. Roche crossing the North West Passage in 2000. 

Paul married Janine in 2010 but she passed after only a few years together.

Paul suffered a stroke in 2016 but remained physically active until his death in January. He leaves his twin Joseph, older brother Alan and his son Roy.

  1. Don Gilman says

    So sorry to hear of Pauls passing. I have many fond memories from our many Sunday breakfasts together.

    1. Nancy Adams says

      We sure had fun. You were a very kind soul, Paul. Hangin’ with angels now. All my Love, Nancy xx

  2. Don Gilman says

    I have many fond memories of Paul from our Salt Spring breakfast group.

  3. Seth says

    I was fortunate enough to meet Paul on the St Roch voyage, and he was absolutely one of the high lights of the trip with his stories. He also took me for motorbike ride from Ganges up to our home on Epron so I could grab a number of a photos for “A Day In The Life” in the Driftwood. I’ll miss him.

  4. Anna says

    Years ago on Ganges docks, steel hulled ‘Storm Petrel’ was home for Paul and as fellow liveaboarder, would reminisce about England and love of fine, oaken barges, romance of the sea. A fine gentleman.

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