Now is the time to act to slow COVID-19 spread


Sunday, March 15 Message from the Lady Minto Hospital Medical Staff Association:

While we continue to do well in the Vancouver Island health region with no new cases reported, our level of concern about the COVID-19 outbreak has been raised by our proximity to a major outbreak south of the border. Just like a wildfire, it only helps if fire breaks are in place before the fire. 

So right now is the time to create our fire break. Now is the time for each of us individually to take action. So please:

1. Practice social distancing right now. This includes limiting discretionary, non-essential group activities or exposures, regardless of size.

2. Follow all recommendations regarding self isolation.

3. Do NOT present to the hospital with minor ailments.

4. DO play outside and engage in outdoor activities while avoiding physical contact.

5. DO talk to your employer about working from home starting as soon as possible.

Physician clinics on Salt Spring Island are working to adapt to this rapidly changing situation and you can expect changes that will limit in-person visits so as to keep patients and staff safe.

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