March 17th Lady Minto Hospital Medical Staff Association Update


March 17th Message from Lady Minto Hospital Medical Staff Association:

Cases of COVID-19 continue to go up in Canada and our health authority as predicted.  With the  multitude of cases spread from the dental conference in Vancouver last week, as well as the outbreak south of the border, the reality is that this virus is now in our community. 

While the local team at Lady Minto has been working diligently in conjunction with the Health Authority and Province to prepare, it is now up to each individual to do their part.  So please:

1.  If you have any symptoms of a cold or respiratory illness, assume you have COVID-19 and stay at home and self isolate for 14 days.

2. If you are having trouble breathing or need medical assistance, COME TO THE HOSPITAL.

3. Do NOT come to the hospital for minor ailments, doctor’s notes, or prescriptions.

4.  If you want a ventilator to be available for you mother, grandfather, niece, friend . . . you must do your part to slow this virus down now and STRICT SOCIAL DISTANCING IS THE BEST TOOL WE HAVE AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW!

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