Dr. Bonnie Henry swag raises library funds


Library volunteers and staff gathered on the front steps of the Salt Spring Island Public Library last Tuesday to take what they called a “TEE-M” picture.

They were modelling volunteer Jill Bartle’s original “Bend It Like Bonnie” T-shirt and tote bag design.

“My design is meant to illustrate Dr. Bonnie Henry’s power of positive influence through information, resulting in the bending curve. The virus is purposely drawn to make it look ridiculous, rendering it less fearsome and to make people feel a little less fearful. Obviously, the motto is a reference to ‘Bend it Like Beckham,’ so instead of a soccer ball it’s a virus. 

“And I think everyone can get behind kicking it into a trash can. Also, there’s the ‘team’ aspect with a sports theme . . . we’re all on the same team: Team B.C.,” said Bartle.

All net proceeds go to Salt Spring Island Public Library, to help cover the cost of personal protective equipment like gloves and masks for volunteers, plus other equipment and supplies necessary for volunteers to feel comfortable as the library phases through reopening.

T-shirts and totes can be ordered from stores.coastalreign.com/benditlikebonnie.

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