Medical staff association provides April 16 update


By Lady Minto Hospital Medical Staff Association

We continue to do extremely well in B.C. with very low numbers of COVID cases. This is thanks to everyone following the strategy proposed by our health experts to practice social distancing. That said, there continue to be new cases daily, including in our Health Authority. We seem to be settling into a pattern of a trickling stream of cases rather than a surge, which is good in terms of our health system’s ability to care for everyone.

If this pattern continues, we may be able to start opening up some activities. While nothing will be done before our provincial health officials give the word, conversations are underway about how to safely re-open various community and hospital activities.

Numerous businesses and individuals have been sending treats and snacks to the staff at Lady Minto. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and caring at this time. All the banging of pots at 7 p.m., the gifts and well wishes, really lift our spirits. Thank you so much.

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