Skaters impress at Kanaka park competition




A long-awaited event took place in Ganges on Saturday. 

The Fracas at Kanaka skate park offered a rare opportunity for local skateboarders to show off their skills. Organized by Angelo Scaia, owner of Axe & Reel Outdoor Emporium, with support from Dylan Doubt, Tristan Scarfo and Peter Hunt, the event drew many entries and a large crowd of spectators.

“This community has been so supportive of my business,” said Scaia. “I really wanted to give back to our community after Covid and make this event happen.” 

The appreciative crowd cheered while competitors showed impressive sportsmanship throughout the event by supporting and encouraging one another.

Regardless of age, participants were divided into skill groups: beginning, intermediate and advanced. Winners in each category were as follows:


1. Cohen McArthur

2. Henry Lecuyer 

3. Ryder Brown


1.  Aidan Ruurs

2.  Kieran Rowthorn

3.  Leo Powers


1. Cash Simon

2. Ryder Mulherin

3. Ember Horan-Eades

Prize packages, made possible through generous donations by skateboard distribution companies, included skateboards, equipment and clothing as well as cash prizes for first place winners.

 Local sponsors Salt Spring Kitchen Co., POWERSHIFTER Digital, Powers Construction and Village Builders all stepped up to help the event become reality. Country Grocer and Yerba Mate made generous donations of gift certificates, water bottles and Powerade while local artist John Sayer used his talents to create a poster for the event. Other local sponsors included Windsor Plywood and Francis Bread. Salt Spring Lions provided hot dogs and refreshments on site.

Axe & Reel hopes to see the competition become a yearly event. “We really want to promote and expand possibilities for athletes in our community and support them with events and opportunities,” said Scaia. 

Ten-year-old Aidan Ruurs, winner of the intermediate category, agrees. 

“This was an awesome day,” he said. “Now I want to take part in more competitions.”

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