Juniors join tourney

Camaraderie celebrated


BY Marcia Hogan

DRIFTWOOD contributor

The 9th Annual North/South Tournament and fundraiser for Salt Spring Golf Club brought out a variety of new golfers over the Aug. 26-27 weekend: fathers and sons, introductory lesson graduates and a team of junior members.

Caravans of golf carts streamed from tee to green on every hole as four players from the South battled the four players from the North for geographical dominance.

Every player was accountable for one drive for their team. There were several players who resorted to buying their drive from golf professional Isaac Weintraub when they reached Hole 8.   

Two tricky putting contests allowed winners to deduct many strokes from the team’s score. A good chip into the duck pond on hole number one allowed one exceptional team to tee off at the 150 marker and score an eagle. 

The warm camaraderie on the course carried inside to the live auction at Penny’s Pantry. The tournament succeeded in raising thousands of dollars for necessary upgrades to the course. The winner of the tournament was too close to call at this time.

The 18-hole ladies group held the Bank of Montreal Cup competition on Aug. 20. Dora Reynolds won for the third time in the past 18 years with a net 71. Elaine Shaw was runner up with a net 73.

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