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Salt Spring RCMP provide quarterly stats


Responding to community interest, Salt Spring RCMP will attempt to provide call volume information at different times throughout the year. This specific news article will include a listing of some investigations and various complaints in the third quarter of 2020.

As of Oct. 1, Salt Spring RCMP have responded to over 2,200 calls this year, averaging eight to nine calls per day. Approximately 700 calls were received by Salt Spring RCMP during the July 1 to Sept. 30 third-quarter period. This number does not include traffic stops, licensed premises checks or park patrols. Some of the calls for this quarter are detailed below:


– Salt Spring RCMP assisted Victoria Police Department with their search for a missing person.

– Salt Spring RCMP entered into an investigation involving multiple sexual assaults that occurred on Salt Spring Island this summer. With the help of Vancouver Island General Investigative Service, the suspects were subsequently arrested and charges pending.

– Local constables were requested to assist the local Coast Guard unit regarding an overturned dinghy in the Ganges Harbour and a missing male. The dinghy was secured and the male was later found uninjured.

– Responded to multiple interpersonal disputes during the month of July from various locations across Salt Spring.

– A cyclist vs. car incident was reported to police where the cyclist was thrown onto the hood of a passing vehicle. Police attended the scene; the cyclist was assessed at the hospital for injuries.

– Police responded to multiple reports of “shots fired” firearms calls throughout the island. After investigation, it was determined that fireworks and legal hunting actions represented the bulk of the complaints.

– A local business reported a theft of over $4,000 worth of equipment. Police attended and a forensic-based investigation was conducted.

– Thefts of property, ranging from wallets to vehicles, were reported to police during this time.

– It was reported to police that two local residents were yelling at vehicles and pedestrians downtown, claiming tourists were stealing their cell phone airtime. Police attended and spoke with the males, mediating the situation.

– Police assisted Lady Minto Hospital staff with an aggressive male who was causing a disturbance; the male was subsequently arrested and lodged in cells for the night.

– RCMP attended the downtown Ganges area for a male yelling and screaming. The male was found by police and the situation mediated.

– Police responded to multiple complaints of impaired drivers throughout Salt Spring; warnings, violation tickets and impaired driving charges were laid.

– Due to a domestic violence threat involving firearms, RCMP arrested the male suspect, placed him on conditions not to be on Salt Spring Island and recommended charges to Crown and a firearms prohibition.

– Police responded to three separate incidents of a male exposing his genitalia in public. The identity of the male was determined and charges recommended.

– Multiple complaints involving missing persons and mental health concerns were received by Salt Spring RCMP throughout the month.


– Multiple Quarantine Act complaints were received by SSI RCMP of people not acting in accordance with provincial and federal law. These complaints ranged from people not quarantining for the required 14 days to travelling from the U.S.; no charges were laid but formal direction was given to people not complying with the law.

– Three acts of slashed vehicle tires on varied dates at varied locations were received by police; one arrest was made thus far.

– Multiple calls were made to police of 30-40 campers setting up a large campsite at Musgrave Landing. An initial campsite was created by some campers, and then a large group attended for the New Moon celebration in late August. By early-mid September, the campers still had not left the area. Police direction was given again and everyone eventually left the area.

– A CRD bylaw officer was assaulted in Centennial Park; the suspect was arrested and charged.

– Police responded to a local hotel for guests who refused to leave their room after staying the previous night; the guests departed upon learning of police involvement.

– Various complaints were received, including sexual assault, multiple illegal cannabis grow-operations, harassment, and others.

– Multiple complaints were received by SSI RCMP of public drinking, loud noise and disturbances in Centennial Park; police repeatedly attended Centennial Park to address the ongoing issues. Other complaints included sleeping in the park or people sleeping in front of various commercial buildings or stealing electricity.

– Multiple incidents of mischief (vandalism) were reported to police, resulting from thrown rocks through business windows, thrown rocks through a camper window, etc. An arrest was made and charges recommended to Crown for the rocks that were thrown through the local restaurant windows.

– Numerous property complaints, including lost/found wallets and various personal items were received throughout the month.

– Multiple complaints were received throughout the month of different suicidal persons needing immediate assessment and response; police attended and assessed or apprehended persons for assessment as necessary.

– A theft from a residential property was reported to police; the stolen property was valued at over $10,000. The investigation is continuing.

– Multiple traffic complaints were received, including speeding, failing to obey a stop sign, driving without insurance, abandoned vehicles, and people living in vehicles throughout the island.


– A report of a stolen vehicle was received by police; it was learned that the keys had been left in the ignition and the vehicle taken by an unknown person. The vehicle was recovered.

– Two SSI RCMP officers were assaulted by individuals and their dog during an attempted warrant execution. Both parties were eventually arrested and additional charges recommended.

– Complaints of individuals juggling fire in Centennial Park were received by police.

– Police responded to multiple reports of car/motorcycle/bicycle/scooter collisions throughout the island.

– Upon request from the Ministry of Child and Family Development, police assisted with follow-up on various child welfare complaints.

– Additional complaints were received by police regarding campers at Musgrave Landing violating environmental laws concerning public urination and defecation.

– Police continued to investigate the incidents that occurred at Island Savings Credit Union (urine dumping) and Beachside (feces smearing).

– Police attended an uttering threats complaint where a person threatened to shoot someone who had asked for loud music to be turned down.

– Multiple bylaw complaints were received by Salt Spring RCMP concerning the ongoing issues in Centennial Park.

– Police responded to multiple vehicle vs. deer collisions throughout the island. These collisions often resulted in vehicle damage and an animal fatality.

In the 92 days of the third quarter: 10 reports of sexual assault were made to police on Salt Spring Island, 22 assaults were reported, 25 check well-being requests were made to police, and 32 mental health-related complaints were received.

In addition to the 700+ reports made to police during the 2020 third quarter, SSI RCMP also conducted 315 foot patrols through Centennial Park and other parks on Salt Spring Island, and conducted 96 licenced premises (bar) checks.

The Christmas season and winter driving conditions will soon be upon us. SSI RCMP personnel encourage residents to ensure their vehicles are in good working order and that headlights, brake lights and tail lights are all operational. The charge for a non-operating headlight is $109; it’s $167 for failing to obey a stop sign, and an immediate roadside prohibition can result in thousands of dollars in fines and mandatory courses, impound fees and a driving prohibition.

Please drive smart and stay safe.

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