Thursday, June 8, 2023
June 8, 2023

Pro rep fails but local riding bucks the trend

The results for the Electoral Reform Referendum are in, with the current system of first past the post coming out on top.

The majority of ballots (61.3 per cent) chose first past the post, with 42.6 per cent of eligible voters returning ballots. Though the second question did not count due to the response to the first, had B.C. chosen proportional representation, mixed-member proportional would have been the winner, with 63.05 per cent of the vote after two rounds of voting.

Results for Saanich North and the Islands had proportional representation on top, with 51.38 per cent of the vote. Riding turnout was over 50 per cent, with 27,849 people voting. MMP was the most voted-for option, with 67 per cent of votes after two rounds.

A poll by Angus Reid after the election showed that one of the major causes for the result was political.

“The overwhelming support among past BC Liberal voters for their preferred choice –  and more division among past BC NDP and BC Green Party voters –  was a key driver of the result,” an article detailing their findings read.

Since the results are to remain with the status quo, no further steps will be taken. This was B.C.’s third referendum on electoral reform. In 2005, 58 per cent of voters voted for a single transferrable vote system, but the government had required a 60 per cent majority to make the result count. In 2009, only 39 per cent of people voted for a change.


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