Unicorns Continue to Inspire on Salt Spring



Three years ago last week, then Alberta Premier Rachel Notley famously singled out Salt Spring Island while debating environmental activist Tzeporah Berman, saying, “Here in Alberta we ride horses — not unicorns. And I invite pipeline opponents to saddle up on something that is real.”

Notley’s quote comparing Trans Mountain protesters to “dewy-eyed unicorn jockeys” was widely publicized.

In response, the local Transition Salt Spring group produced decals representing the Salt Spring Island Unicorn Riders Association and even held a unicorn-themed electric vehicle light parade.

Community activist David Denning penned a rejoinder in the Times Colonist, asking whether it wasn’t high time for all Canadians to “embrace the unicorn.” He pointed out that “It would be extremely foolish to ruin a perfectly wonderful planet with fossil-fuel emissions when we already have all the technologies and can quickly create the opportunities to power it 100 per cent with electricity and renewable energy . . .EVs are totally real.”

Transition Salt Spring observes that unicorns represent magic and enchantment and bless virtuous people with wisdom and miracles.

“Without unicorns, it’s hard to imagine a better future,” said Transition Salt Spring chair Bryan Young. “And riding one isn’t so different from riding a horse, so folks will likely adjust easily.”

Perhaps we can all stretch our imaginations a bit, inspired by this fantastical beast that rewards the pure-hearted seeker with wisdom, helps the gentle and kind to spread peace, heals the incurably wounded, and who is most likely to be encountered in wild, beautiful places, such as these Gulf Islands.

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