STEAGER, Peter William


Peter William Steager
May 29, 1936 – July 15, 2018

Beloved husband of Linda Steager, loving father of Tabitha and Joshua, and grandfather to Colt Nash Steager.

Peter was a renaissance man in an age of specialists. He had a deep interest and broad knowledge of many topics and loved to learn – he was the man you wanted on your Trivial Pursuit team and who you looked to for answers about obscure facts before the Internet was ever a thing. He held an MA in zoology and PhD anthropology, both from the University of California Berkeley. Peter had an abiding love for nature and loved hiking and walking along the ocean. He had a strong rapport with animals, from many family cats and dogs to hummingbirds and insects. He loved to cook and entertain, winning several chili cook-offs and mastering cuisines from around the world. He also loved to talk – you could count on him to hold an interesting, engaging conversation with anyone he met. He expressed his keen sense of humour not only in conversation but in his writing, particularly through his animal investigators in his Kokanee Crime Club mystery. In addition to his creative writing abilities, he also had a vast artistic imagination and drawing abilities, drawing cartoon animals and imaginary beasts for his children growing up and continuing to create new characters for his grandson. Peter was an extraordinary husband, father, grandfather and friend and will be keenly missed.

Please join us for a Celebration of Life
at Salt Spring Seniors September 15, 2018,  11:30am- 2:00 pm.

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