SPRAGUE, Lois J. B.Sc., B.Ed.


Lois J. Sprague B.Sc., B.Ed.
1930 Dec 24 – 2020 Mar 20

Lois was a fifth-generation Canadian born and raised in Windsor Ontario. She died rapidly in Lady Minto hospital from severe secondary effects of a long-standing heart problem. Husband John was at her side and appreciates excellent care by the hospital staff. Lois and John were married for 66 years, and for four years previously they were lab partners at university. Lois leaves 5 children, 5 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. She kept life-long loving contact with all the children.

After raising that family, Lois was a public school teacher for 20 years. She loved horses and in middle life enjoyed weekly riding sessions in Ontario, then in Nanaimo while on sabbatical, and went on trail-rides in the Alberta mountains. She also loved swimming, used the pools in Guelph, Nanaimo and Victoria, and later was faithful at aquafit in the Ganges pool. Lois and John lived in three provinces, coast to coast, and travelled to every province and territory, as well as five continents. They spent one year on their sailboat, wintering in the Gulf of Mexico. The picture shows Lois at age 50 in Rio de Janeiro.

Lois was a very active volunteer during 25 years on Salt Spring. She worked for about a decade each as volunteer teacher’s assistant in the elementary school, in the Resources facility of Salt Spring Seniors, then as Secretary of Seniors, as a Senior Peer Counsellor, and in the Salt Spring library. She was an active proponent and supporter of peace and environmental issues (Chair of the first and early recycling program in Guelph Ontario, Voice of Women, Canadian Peace Research Institute and many others). She was a Raging Granny in Ontario and Salt Spring. In later years she enjoyed quilting, and placed colourful quilts with all the family, with friends and friends-of-friends in every province and territory, and in England and U.S.A.

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