(1930 – 2009)

Sam’s journey ended on

Dec. 30. He had been very ill for 12 days.

Many will remember him as the postman.

Sam is survived by Elsie, Betty, dear friend Susannah, old friend George Coles and the dogs Nicki & Jenny.

Predeceased by his brother Bill, Sam leaves 4 sisters: Anne, Mary, Margaret & Kathryne. Service was held at our church, Salt Spring United on Jan. 4 at 2:00pm.

During Sam’s final illness we are thankful to those who travelled this journey with us. To Dr. Woodley who showed such caring, to Virginia who drove us to appointments on some very stormy days and guided me with quiet calm.

An Irish toast to all from Sam: “Confusion to our enemies, God’s greatest gifts to our friends”.

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