Ruth ADELE (DEL) Kirby

Ruth passed away on February 9th, 2012.  Before she passed away she wrote the following message:

My husband, Brian Watson, has been my own personal angel — constantly cheerful and giving. 


My loving son, Day Kirby, has kept me grounded, especially when the strong drugs I was taking threatened to drive me to crazy town and leave me there.

Although I am usually awkward around medical people, I have enjoyed the company of Dr. Bob Crossland and Nurse Sue Banks who were full of information and, especially, warmth. 

Marnee treated me to an exciting bucket list weekend.  Elena made me a very special video. 

The girls took me to Duncan for one of our silly laughing trips.

I would love to list all the other people who helped me deal wtih cancer, but that would be too many, so instead I will simply say — thank you everybody.

A celebration of her life will take place at 2-5pm on Saturday, February 18th at the Saltspring Island Golf and Country Club. In lieu of flowers,

please place donations to the Red Cross.

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