Rudy Siegers

April 15, 1937 – August 24, 2016

Rudy died peacefully on the 24th of August 2016 at 3:40pm, surrounded by the love of his family, both immediate and extended.

The sun will be dimmer without our brother, father and friend. Those who knew him well will recall the passion and commitment Rudy possessed in making manifest ‘heaven on earth’, his love for communing on the nature of our shared experience, and his playful exuberance. Those who didn’t could hardly miss his undeniably colourful persona (and wardrobe) often found dancing at the Saturday Market. We are sure Rudy would be disappointed that he left his body behind but hope he would be pleased that his ashes will be spread on the island that he loved so dearly.

We offer thanks to Lady Minto Hospital and SSI Hospice in his passing and to his communities for celebrating his life. And we offer these last words from the I-Ching (a source among many that Rudy found wisdom in), the hexagram Kên, associated with the date and time of his passing: Keeping still. Keeping his back still so that he no longer feels his body. He goes into the courtyard and does not see his people. No blame.

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