Jim Hull

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Jim Hull.
Survived by his son Richard, and sister Janice. Jim passed away on March 27th at 63 years old.

Such a creative guy with one heck of a green thumb. Anyone who knows him will always remember his smile, that sideways look and his laugh.

Richard has fond memories of the adventures his dad took him on as a kid, up the mountain, down to the beach and playing in the woods. Jim’s imagination always ran as wild as he did. A long-haired islander with his bike and a leather jacket, he grew up here and in his final years spoke fondly of his memories of this town and the good ol’ days.

You will always hold a place in our hearts, and we will miss you, father and friend.

Rest in peace Cricket.

  1. Pauline says

    Fare thee well, young Jim…always a place in my heart

  2. Robert Edwin osullivan says

    I am so sorry to hear the passing of my good old school buddy. We were a tight group: Gerrard, Dixon, Finer, O’Sullivan, Featherston, Kyler would be found together everywhere. Richard and Janice, I am moved to tears to hear about Jim. He was a good friend, a kind and gentle soul and as we lost touch not too long ago I’ve always thought about Jim and hoped to hear from him again. My deepest sorrows to you all.
    Ted O’Sullivan

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