HAYES, Brigitte


January 10, 1953 – July 13, 2020

It is with a sad heart that we announce the passing of Brigitte beloved, wife, mother, and friend. Brigitte was an inspiration.  She was such a fighter and so determined and creative in charting a course since her cancer diagnosis. She met cancer head on and engaged in every possible way to live her life fully – and against all odds –she biked mountains, hiked waterfalls and championed her love of life every day. With her indomitable sprit, she never gave up.  She never gave up being kind and generous, maintaining a positive outlook, and enjoying nature’s wonders. She will be so dearly missed.

Brigitte and her husband of 35 years, Stephen Young, and son Drew moved from Redmond, WA to Salt Spring in 2012. Bringing with her the knowledge and skills honed over a career spanning over 30 years in marketing management at multiple high-tech companies in both the US and Canada including Fulcrum, Cognos and Microsoft. Her constant good cheer and warm smile brightened every encounter.

In 2017 the Salt Spring Community Economic Development Commission was privileged to contract with Brigitte to help establish the operational components of it’s Rural Business Accelerator Program, designed to support business skills training for local entrepreneurs across all business sectors. Her contributions to the success of the program are ever present.

Brigitte was also an active in our local community and gave rigorous support to the Green Party campaigns of Elizabeth May and Adam Olsen. She had a keen interest in art and the arts community and was quite excited about her work with water colours.

Above all, Brigitte was a woman of generous heart. May she now be at peace.

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  1. delores k lapinsky says

    My heart goes out to her family.

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