Simone Fidelman
October 21st, 1942 ~ January 14th, 2022
We would like to announce the passing of our beloved Simone Fidelman.

Simone was born in the Netherlands the youngest of seven children. Simone’s remaining siblings, 9 nieces and 12 nephews remember their Canadian aunt Simone with affection.

Simone arrived in Canada in the late 1960s. She worked with Children and earned her degree in Counselling Psychology. Her kind and creative way of working with her clients was legendary. She was a counsellor in Nunavut, in Golden and here on Salt Spring Island at IWAV for the last 13 years.

She reluctantly retired in the late summer of 2021 at the age of 79.

Her death came too quickly after her last days at work. She surrendered with grace to her last days, encircled by friends and family. She nurtured deep friendships and adored her chosen family, the Vaillancourts, Don, Kathleen, Maia and Serena and their spouses Brad and Jeff, and children Cyrus, Madrid, Rowan, and Cooper.

Simone loved to write, to paint, to dance and to knit! She adored playing games, music, nature, her cat coco. She will be easily remembered for the unique and warm woman she was, and for the wisdom she easily shared with friends and clients alike.

Simone lies at rest in the Green Cemetery here on Salt Spring Island. The ceremony took place on January 16th, 2022, attended by many of her loved ones.

Simone will be deeply missed.

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