Erhard Walter DR. LUFT

Dr. Erhard Walter Luft

Dr. Erhard Walter Luft died in Ganges on Salt Spring Island B.C. after a lengthy illness on Feb. 09- 2017.

He is survived by his wife, three children, nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Erhard was born in Alt-Walddorf Slovakia on Sept. 28 1933.

His parents moved to Germany after the war. There he began his education. He graduated from the Gymnasium cum laude and enrolled at the University of Erlangen where he began his studies in mathematics and physics.

His PHD thesis gained the notice of many established mathematicians. He was offered a position in Bonn as assistant to Professor Hirtzebruck.

Dr. Hirtzebruck sent him to the United States on a Fulbright scholarship expand his knowledge. His first position was at Brandeis University where he taught and researched. After the semester was over, he went to the University California in Berkeley were he also met his future wife. By the end of the academic year his scholarship lapsed and he was faced with the choice of going back to Germany or take the position he was offered in Vancouver B.C.

He opted for the latter. He also sent for his girlfriend and they got married in Dec. 1963. He immediately loved Vancouver it reminded him of his home in Slovakia.

He became a tenured Professor and taught for thirty-five years before his retirement.

He had four PHD students during his tenure that went on to become Professors He loved teaching and helped many aspiring students with their problems. He was very generous with his time and ideas.

He also loved sports. In his mature years, he took up cross-country skiing and if he wasn’t skiing he would be at the pool, he loved swimming. He was always encouraging to whomever needed his advice.

His famous sentence “Tomorrows another day and things will be better” are sorely missed.

We love and miss you Erhard

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