Doris Phillips

Pack up all my cares and woe

Here I go, singing low

Bye bye. Bye bye.

In loving memory of

Doris Phillips

April 22, 1922 to March 5, 2012

Doris Bennison was born in Cheshire, England on April 22nd, 1922. When she was 18 she went to war, and in 1943 she married her darling Hughie and became Doris Phillips. Soon she discovered her true calling and became Mum. The family moved to Ontario in 1958, and in 1980 settled in Fulford Harbour on Saltspring Island, where they stayed. During all these years Doris worked a special magic on all whose lives she touched, forming bonds of the spirit that will never be broken. Doris broke the bonds of pain on March 5th at Lady Minto Hospital. Now she can be with us all, wherever we may wander.

Heartfelt thanks to the staff at Extended Care and to Fran and Debbie, who learned to love Doris in the hardest times. A celebration of her life will be held in April.

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