Bill Wilkinson

In Loving Memory of

Bill Wilkinson

December 1, 1957 – January 20, 2009

A Healing Journey

I look at my life

In dark despair

Thank god for my

Loved ones

Who saw to care

I kept so much pain

Deep inside

I could not release it

For my false pride

I drew farther and farther

From the ones who have cared

I could not be honest

With my feelings impaired

Now I am on a new journey

In this healing place

To replenish my soul

With the good lords grace

One day I will return

To the ones that did care

The ones who had pulled me

From the dark despair

All I can lovingly offer

Is the soul they once knew

That soft gentle soul

Before it withdrew

Into the dark despair

Written by: Bill Wilkinson

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