BENTLEY, Lilith Shirley


Lilith Shirley Bentley
June 26, 1995 to March 9, 2018

What a positive young woman she was! Bright and courageous, strong and fragile, her passion for life was always there: with her family and friends, in learning new things and enjoying her artistic side, all while working  so very hard to master her addiction. She loved and is loved by her huge network and is missed terribly.

The family would like to keep the memory of this remarkable person, by encouraging our community in supporting those who struggle with addictions. Through our active, inclusive and non-judgemental kindness, we can change laws that criminalize our loved ones and allow our medical system to make “use” safely available.

Survived by Eric & Shelley, Silas, Zoe (Callum), Sam & Izak, and her partner Chad.  And the entire clans of Mahoney, Donnelly, Newman, Supina and Bentley.

A memorial will be held on Lilith’s birthday June 26, 2018.

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