Water district appeals for more water conservation


The North Salt Spring Waterworks District is asking its customers to make extra efforts to conserve water in order to avoid facing higher restrictions sooner than necessary. 

“Your diligence will help delay the implementation of Stage 4 Watering Restrictions for as long as possible during this dry summer,” a July 7 NSSWD news release states.

At the current Stage 3 level, all water uses are authorized, although some have day and time limits — such as watering of gardens — while in Stage 4 activities such as washing vehicles, topping up pools and hot tubs, and watering playing fields and parks are not permitted. The northsaltspringwaterworks.ca website details the regulations of each stage. 

The district explains that a lack of rainfall this spring has prompted the call for extra conservation.

“Other than the first few weeks in June, the spring of 2021 has provided unusually low precipitation, resulting in record low lake levels. NSSWD’s source water reservoirs, St. Mary Lake and Maxwell Lake, are both showing declining levels that are on pace with the drought we experienced in 2015.”

For more details, see the NSSWD website

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