Sewage discharged into ocean near maliview treatment plant after equipment failure


Residents are being warned not to enter the ocean near the Maliview Wastewater Treatment Plant, after partially treated water was discharged into the ocean below the plant Sunday.

The discharge was due to an equipment failure on Feb. 7, resulting in partially treated wastewater discharged into the plant’s marine outfall, a Monday afternoon notice from the Capital Regional District (CRD) stated.

The equipment is being repaired and the CRD estimated it will be operating normally again by Monday at 6 p.m. “Out of an abundance of caution, in consultation with Island Health, the shoreline in the vicinity of the outfall will be posted with public health advisory signs,” the notice stated.

The shoreline in question is at the intersection of Maliview Drive and Walkers Hood Road. People are being advised not to enter the water there, as the wastewater could pose a health risk.

Signs will be up for 48 hours following the return of the normal functioning of the treatment plant the CRD stated.

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