Vesuvius-Crofton schedule changed from Nov. 10-24


People travelling on BC Ferries’ Vesuvius-Crofton route between Friday, Nov. 10 and Friday, Nov. 24 should be aware of schedule changes on those days.

BC Ferries says two events have made the changes necessary. One is an increase in traffic anticipated for the Remembrance Day long weekend. The other is the removal of the Howe Sound Queen on Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 5:40 p.m. to begin operational readiness exercises and crew training. The smaller-capacity Quinitsa is serving the route from Nov. 14 through 24, so the extra sailings will be maintained until the return of the Howe Sound Queen on Nov. 25.

The altered schedule is available on BC Ferries’ website on the Vesuvius-Crofton page.


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