Vehicle fire slows traffic

Driver used snow to douse flames


The Salt Spring Fire Department responded to a call for a vehicle on fire at the intersection of Cusheon Lake Road and Fulford-Ganges Road on Wednesday morning.

Ian Marcotte, the driver of the vehicle, said he pulled the truck over when he smelled something burning.

“Then all of a sudden flames were coming out,” Marcotte said. “I threw some snow on it. It’s a good thing there was snow or else it would have burnt right up.”

The flames were extinguished when fire crews arrived. The crews used a fire extinguisher and water from a rescue tender to put out any remaining hot spots and cool the engine down. The cause of the fire was not immediately known because of the snow used to put out the fire.

Nobody was injured.

Both Cusheon Lake and Fulford-Ganges roads were reduced to single-lane traffic during the incident.

The truck was towed and roads were opened at around 11:30 a.m.

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