Unicorn Riders prepare for Saturday parade


Electric vehicle owners are responding to Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s unicorn comment by organizing a “unicorn parade” on Saturday, Dec. 1.

Tom Mitchell is a member of Transition Salt Spring’s Electric Vehicle Group. He is one of the parade’s organizers and thought of the idea of having Unicorn Riders Association signs on the cars during the inaugural EV Christmas Light-up parade.

The parade is a response to Notley’s well-publicized comments at a Alberta Teachers Association meeting in October. Notley said that “maybe on Salt Spring Island you can build an economy on condos and coffee shops but not in Edmonton and not anywhere in Alberta . . . Here in Alberta we ride horses, not unicorns, and I invite pipeline opponents to saddle up on something that is real.”

“When I heard Rachel Notley’s comment I thought it was a bit ironic because Salt Spring is one of the most progressive places on the planet,” Mitchell said. “I think that Salt Spring has a much more realistic understanding of what’s happening with climate change than Notley does.”

The signs were designed by Andrea Palframan for the event. Palframan said in an email that “Saddling up to something real is very much on the minds of EV drivers on the island, many of whom appreciate the cost savings of these low-maintenance, gas-free vehicles as a bonus on top of the fact that they are zero-emission transport options.”

Anyone who owns an electric vehicle is welcome to join the parade. There will be a meet up at the charging stations near Country Grocer at 3:45 p.m., where those interested will get a sign for their cars and can take part in the parade. Bringing holiday lights to help decorate is encouraged.

“It’s meant to be a bit of a fun thing too,” Mitchell added. “We’ll end up parked right near the chili cook-off. We’ll eat some chili and help serve it too.”

Electric vehicle owners interested in taking part can contact Jim Standen, team lead for the EV group on Salt Spring, at jim.standen@gmail.com.

Palframan said that a sticker version of the logo is available for a $5 donation from 128 Hereford Ave.

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