Sept. 14 All-candidates Meeting Cancelled


Democracy Saltspring has cancelled the all-candidates meeting it had organized for the Legion premises on Tuesday, Sept. 14.

Spokesperson Tony Brogan said Thursday that regulations related to COVID-19 and the new vaccine card system have made it impossible to proceed.

In an email sent to the candidates, Brogan said it turned out the event would be restricted to a maximum of 50 people rather than the 80 originally contemplated, and organizers would have to assume liability “that could amount to thousands of dollars in fines and in extreme cases jail time for accidental or deliberate violations of B.C. government mandates.”

He added that his group would have to ensure that everyone attending had been vaccinated at least once.

“We consider medical records a private matter and are not willing to attempt such a search,” Brogan wrote.

Candidates would also have to display a vaccine passport.

“We are sad to have to cancel this event but ask you to consider how a little more democratic freedom has died under COVID dictat,” his email to candidates stated.

  1. Veronica says

    Sad what our world has come to while many just watch and do nothing.

  2. Tim says

    This is silly. Go about your business, have the debate, Bonnie isn’t going to ride in on her horse and throw everyone in the stocks…live!

  3. Emmanuel says

    I didn’t know a virus can kill democracy….
    I moved to Canada because of its values,
    Values that I swear to protect and respect when becoming citizens… I d like to know what our ancestors have to say about what Canada is now. I d like them to talk about their sacrifices for us to live under rules that guaranty our freedom no matter what…. I d like to know what we are going to say to the kids, the future of our nation, when they will ask why we didn’t do like our ancestors, standing together United, for freedom against oppression, no matter what!
    I d like to know !
    Without Freedom of choice, we are not humans anymore ….. so what is the point?!

  4. Brandon says

    Yup, this is a call for humans to evolve our paradigms, and see the world in terms of systems. Donella Meadows talks about leverage points in her book Thinking in Systems, a Primer. I highly recommend anyone read this book; it’s only 100 pages and highly digestible.
    I’m noticing that pharmaceuticals has become the latest money-maker, maybe right up there with war profiteering. It’s the hierarchical model we’re dealing with that needs to change. Archearchy is a new model proposed by the developers of possibility management. The cultural creatives are thinking outside the box and creating solutions to real human issues. I absolutely disagree with vaccine passports, and I think it’s sad that division and fear are still the mainstay methods of thought control.

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