PR info event set for Saturday night


A panel discussion on the upcoming electoral reform referendum will be held at the Legion’s Meaden Hall on Saturday, June 16.

Running from 6 to 8:30 p.m., events will include short presentations from panelists and an audience question and answer session.

A Make Every Voter Count Society representative will present on the specifics and different options of the upcoming referendum. Local Green party MLA Adam Olsen will represent his party, Bob MacKie of Salt Spring will speak from Fair Voting BC and Gary Holman will represent the NDP party in the panel. GISS student Fraser Byers, who founded the province-wide Youth for PR organization, and Green party MP Elizabeth May will also be in attendance.

“I think the tack that we’re all taking on this is that question one is the important question: ‘Do you want it, or don’t you?’ I think that’s going to be the main focus for most people,” said MacKie.

The referendum is being held to determine whether or not British Columbians want to change to a proportional representation electoral system. Four options are on the table: staying with first past the post, or changing to one of three different PR options. However, the main question will be whether or not to change from the current system.

“I think the key point is the fact that people who are unsure can try it. They can have the experience of seeing it,” MacKie said. “There will be some interesting things that come out, depending on which of the three systems they decide to try.”

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