Metal truck flips in Fulford


 Salt Spring emergency services responded to a rollover of a large two-trailer truck on Friday in Fulford.

According to Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue, 14 firefighters responded to an 11:39 a.m. call to assist with the crash, which saw the Schnitzer Steel truck go over the concrete barricades in the 2800 block of Fulford-Ganges Rd. and roll part way down the embankment.

“One of the trailers full of metal recycling flipped along with the cab and lost all its contents over the bank,” said SSIFR Chief Arjuna George. “The last trailer was high centred on the barricade.”

George said one patient was attended to by B.C. Ambulance Services and no other injuries were reported.

“SSIFR stabilized the vehicle from any further movement and began fuel catchment. The SSIFR HAZMAT trailer unit responded and assisted with the spill protection. Berms, absorbent pads, trenching, and booms were installed for any potential hazmat or fuel spills. No oil or contaminants entered the Fulford Harbour waterway.” 

Also attending the scene were Johnson Automotive and Mainroad personnel.

“Traffic was redirected for several hours during the incident,” said George. “We thank everyone for their patience while we managed this complex scene.”

SSIFR left the scene at 4 p.m.

George said alternating traffic was in effect but a full road closure could be required once the heavy rescue equipment from off island arrives to flip and tow the commercial vehicle.


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