Weight limitation lifted on crofton – Vesuvius Bay route after damage to dock pilings found


A weight restriction imposed on the Crofton – Vesuvius Bay ferry route has been lifted, after contractors worked over the weekend to repair pilings found to be deteriorated.

The condition of two to three dock pilings at the Crofton ferry terminal found during a routine inspection June 16 halted larger commercial traffic to the island and led to the cancellation of the weekly dangerous goods sailing. 

BC Ferries stopped commercial vehicles from boarding the ferry after the damage to the dock was discovered June 16, with a first service notice at 11:40 a.m. stating that no vehicles over 5,500 kilograms could travel on the Crofton to Vesuvius Bay route. A 1 p.m. notice expanded the ability of the route to carry vehicles weighing under 13,500 kilograms. On June 17, the weight limitation was changed to vehicles with single axles no heavier than 9,100 kilograms each and tandem axles no heavier than 7,500 kilograms each. 

Commercial vehicles above those weight limitations were advised to take an alternate route on the Swartz Bay to Fulford Harbour ferry. The Quinsam continued its regular schedule between Crofton and Vesuvius Bay, yet the dangerous goods sailing on that route was cancelled as most vehicles on that sailing are over the weight limit. 

“Dangerous goods customers were notified and will be rescheduled on the dangerous cargo sailings next week,” executive director of public affairs Deborah Marshall explained via email.

BC Ferries stated that on Friday and Saturday contractors would be driving new piles adjacent to the existing ones to rectify the issue. 

The weight restriction was lifted for the first sailing on Sunday, June 19. 

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