Islanders slip and slide on roads


Winter conditions hit Salt Spring Island just in time for the holidays.

Two vehicles went off the road just before 9 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 22 on Vesuvius Bay Road due to icy conditions. Though the two incidents happened close to each other, they did not appear to be related, said Salt Spring Fire Chief Arjuna George.

Vehicle occupants were treated for their injuries onsite, while crews cleaned up and re-opened the road to traffic.

The incidents took place on the stretch of Vesuvius Bay Road near the intersection of Tripp Road. The cold weather combined with melting water from the snow caused severe black ice to form. It is unknown what exactly caused the crashes, but road conditions are expected to be a factor.

Traffic was backed up to Portlock Park for about 15 minutes. Road maintenance crews responded quickly to salt and sand the area. Many people were stopped on the road while on their way to the Vesuvius ferry terminal.

Conditions on Salt Spring are expected to stay the same for some time. Black ice can form easily on roads, and drivers are reminded to take precautions before venturing out.

“Black ice is prevalent on the island,” said Sgt. Ryan Netzer of the RCMP in an email. “Motorists are reminded that even though the roads appear to be clear from ice, often they are not.”

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