Grow Local program helps build resilient and healthy food chain


The Salt Spring Agricultural Alliance and the Salt Spring Community Economic Sustainability Commission (CESC) are set to launch an eight-month pilot project called Grow Local.

According to a press release issued Monday, the project seeks to expand local food production and enhance the economic viability of farming.

“This new initiative will turn key recommendations from the Salt Spring Island Area Farm Plan into action,” states the release. “The main goals of the project are to build collaborative opportunities and test innovative marketing strategies that strengthen the regional food economy.”

Local producers and food justice advocates Nick Jones and Polly Orr are co-leading the Grow Local initiative. The Grow Local team will be responsible for testing food systems that develop and strengthen short supply chains for the food we eat, and making connections and building relationships across the region to increase the viability of island businesses while also reducing our carbon footprint.

“A robust local food network not only provides more nutritious food for our tables but increases community resilience in the face of the climate emergency,” states the CESC and agricultural alliance.

Grow Local says it is looking to build a strong network of participants who want to help expand the island’s local food system. Local growers, producers, distributors and consumers who are interested in scaling up their productivity within the Salt Spring network are invited to contact Jones and Orr at for more information or to become involved.

Grow Local’s core funding was secured from the Island Coastal Economic Trust, with additional funding from the CESC, which is a Capital Regional District commission.

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