Ganges Post Office tech glitch solved


Ganges Post Office was back to business as usual Tuesday after spending most of the first week of November at limited capacity.

“We can confirm that the post office has resumed full service to customers,” Canada Post media relations officer Aurelie Walsh told the Driftwood on Tuesday afternoon. “Unfortunately, during the technical problems we experienced, minimal postal services were offered. But, mail delivery and customer access to post office boxes were not impacted. We are sorry for any inconvenience to customers.”

Staff first announced on Wednesday, Nov. 1 that major technical issues would keep the office closed for at least that day, with a motherboard problem in the main computer thought to be the culprit. The wait for the necessary part and for technicians to do the work caused further delays leading up to the weekend, while stubborn issues meant technicians worked through Monday to bring the system fully back up to speed.

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