Francis Bread earns enforcement reprieve


Fans of the specialty products produced at Francis Bread on Salt Spring’s Churchill Road don’t have to worry about being deprived of those treats while business owners Meghan Carr and Peter Hunt work to legalize the operation.

Overwhelming community support led to a quick result at the Salt Spring Local Trust Committee meeting on Jan. 19, where trustees voted unanimously to allow the business to continue without facing bylaw enforcement activity until a rezoning application is resolved.

LTC chair Peter Luckham, who also chairs Islands Trust Council, commented he had never seen as many letters of support for any application, anywhere, with close to 500 messages received. 

“We’re hearing loud and clear about the value of this business and a community amenity in your midst,” Luckham said.

Salt Spring trustee Peter Grove agreed: “I think it’s quite clear from the correspondence and the community involvement that the community is asking us to allow them to continue their operation during the rezoning process.”

While the support for the bakery was undeniable, LTC members questioned whether the same community need applied to a second part of the rezoning application that seeks to legalize two bed and breakfast units that don’t conform with zoning. 

Hunt said that part of the business is owned by his parents Celia Duthie and Nicholas Hunt and that they would be the best ones to speak about it when the application is considered. 

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