Fire crews tackle Isabella Point car fire Friday night


Sirens were heard from Ganges to the south end of Salt Spring Friday night after a vehicle erupted in fire on Isabella Point Road.

Salt Spring Fire Rescue Capt. Dale Lundy said it seems the driver had been experiencing car trouble prior to the incident. According to reports, a witness observed sparks coming from a vehicle that was parked on the side of the road. The female driver was visiting friends at a nearby home. The vehicle then caught fire. Witnesses heard explosions that may have sounded like gun shots from further away that occurred as the vehicle became consumed.

Salt Spring Fire Rescue initially sent four trucks to attend the incident, which was called in around 9 p.m., because there is no on-site water supply in the area. Two trucks that are based at the Ganges fire hall were then put on stand-by while the Fulford Hall trucks dealt with the fire.

An investigation has not yet started into the cause of the fire. Salt Spring RCMP also attended the incident.

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