Extreme Low Temperatures Continue in Gulf Islands


Environment Canada is warning the Southern Gulf Islands will see temperatures with windchill down to minus 20 until mid-week, conditions in which frostbite and hypothermia can develop quickly.  

A weather warning is in place for the Southern Gulf Islands as well as Metro Vancouver, up the Sunshine Coast and into Whistler. These areas will see temperatures down to minus 7 or 8 C. on Monday night and wind chill values near or below minus 20 degrees Celcius as Arctic winds flow from the Interior to the coast. 

The cold streak is caused by an “an Arctic ridge of high pressure over the B.C. Interior . . . bringing strong and bitterly cold outflow winds to the coastal communities and resulting in very cold wind chill values.” 

Monday afternoon and into Monday night will see some improvement, with wind chill between minus 10 and minus 20. Yet Tuesday night and Wednesday morning are expected to be down to minus 20 windchill again. Temperatures will start to increase during the day Wednesday, but with more snow expected on that day.

Environment Canada warns frostbite and hypothermia can develop within minutes in these conditions. Anyone not dressing for the weather is at risk, so people are being urged to bundle up and minimize any exposed skin if they are outside.

“Any outdoor activity exposes you to an increased risk of frostbite,” Environment Canada added.  

“Public Safety Canada encourages everyone to make an emergency plan and get an emergency kit with drinking water, food, medicine, a first-aid kit and a flashlight,” the warning stated. 

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