Erskine trail acquisition deadline looming


The Salt Spring Island Trail and Nature Club is rallying community support to complete  fundraising for “the missing link” trail connection on Mount Erskine. 

The BC Parks Foundation is hosting the campaign to raise $244,000 to acquire a part of the trail between Toynbee Road and the peak where it runs through private property. Around $60,000 is still needed to complete the purchase before the Feb. 10 deadline.

The Trail and Nature Club says this section represents a crucial link in an almost six-kilometre trail from Collins Road to Toynbee Road.

“The missing link also contains some terrific viewpoints surrounded by majestic trees that make excellent picnic spots.”

Trail and Nature Club president Charles Kahn noted in an online appeal: “I regularly count more than a dozen cars parked at the end of Trustees Trail, and many others access the trails from Collins and Toynbee Roads. If each of you who use these trails were to donate even $25, we’d easily reach our goal of buying the land, and you’d get a tax receipt too.”

Donations can be made through the BC Parks Foundation website at

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