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Embe pull-out safety talks continue

Governing body reps get together

After last Monday’s protest against the decision to barricade a popular hitchhiking spot in front of Embe Bakery, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, the Salt Spring Transportation Commission and other governing bodies are talking about solutions.

In late May it was announced by Robin Williams, chair of the Salt Spring Transportation Commission, that a joint decision between the MoTI and the Salt Spring RCMP had been made to place a physical object along the side of the road in front of Embe Bakery. The barrier was to be supplied by the ministry. Road safety was cited as the reason for the move, he said.

Concerned Salt Springers responded by organizing the June 5 protest at the site. The high-spirited and concerned crowd spoke of the values integral to the nature of hitchhiking on the island.

A purpose of some meetings on Friday between new Saanich North and the Islands Green MLA Adam Olsen and governing bodies of Salt Spring was to gain understanding and come up with solutions for the place reportedly said to be unsafe by RCMP.

Olsen said that the meeting was productive, but noted they were not ready to make any decisions yet.

“We did have our meeting with MoTI today about that and we’re brought up to speed. We still have to connect with the RCMP to figure out that angle of it,” Olsen said. “It could take a number of weeks before anything happens.”

For more on this story, see the June 14, 2017 issue of the Gulf Islands Driftwood newspaper. 

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