Tuesday, February 27, 2024
February 27, 2024

Moya Doherty marks 40 years at credit union


It’s not often that someone works for 40 years in one job. 

Moya Doherty started at the Duncan and District Credit Union in Ganges on May 5, 1981. Back then the branch was located where Salt Spring Coffee Company is now. Those were different times. People could smoke at their desks, the money arrived every week on the Salt Spring Freight truck and computers were new and the screens were very small. 

Moya would often visit some of the older customers in their homes to do their banking, or if someone was in the hospital, Moya would happily go there. She often receives phone calls at home when people have pressing issues or concerns. She has on more than one occasion delivered bank cards to customers in Mexico while vacationing there herself. 

Moya remembers several younger employees being toddlers that sat on her wicket when they were young and then as adults, got a job at the credit union and were then trained by her.  

Over the years Moya has held many jobs at Island Savings. She worked her way up the ladder and is now happily back on the front line where she started. She says it’s the best job.  

In 40 years, many relationships have been formed. She has helped people through all stages of life and death. Many of her credit union friendships came from her kindness and compassion while helping loved ones navigate the estate process.  

Moya says she was trained by the best and most of these retired mentors are still on the island. She recalls special occasions being celebrated with all of the staff and even those in the head office in Duncan. 

Things change, people change, names change, but Moya has always tried to keep that original credit union feeling and provide the best customer service.

Due to the pandemic there can’t be a celebration at the branch on May 5 to celebrate this milestone. So if you see Moya at the branch or on the street, wish her a Happy 40th!

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  1. Hello Moya & Dave
    Laurie Kilner (Waite) here. I worked at BCF with your father, Moya. You certainly have his eyes in this picture. I retired with nearly 40 years at BCF. I took a class with your father. We sat in a room at tables with people of our groups, our departments. The fellow teaching the class mixed us all up. I ended up beside your father. No one was going against your father no matter what. We were to save this theoretical employee with a problem. Our table came in last, because your father would not vote to tell a nurse about the problem. I said, we should have told the nurse, your father said that she would blab to everyone and so he wouldn’t vote for that option. We laughed about it every time I saw him, telling him it was his fault. I remember seeing you on paydays before direct deposits. It looks like you’re not getting older, your getting better. I am retired and living in Vernon.


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