Commitment to EVs and infrastructure keeps growing



In response to Jim Standen’s challenge in the Sept. 12 edition of the Driftwood, I am not only intending to buy an electric vehicle (EV) at some future date; my family has been driving one for more than four years.

Our Nissan Leaf has been my family’s primary transportation for that period. We have enjoyed more than 45,000 kilometres of trouble-free journeys. We regularly make trips to Victoria, Vancouver and Nanaimo, and have travelled to Bellingham, Wash. with this car. Its range is 150 kms, and we have never had a problem finding a no-cost charging station.

I installed a high-power charging station six months before we knew what vehicle we were going to buy, so we were committed. My family was featured in a Transition Salt Spring video. (See it at Look for the car with the chickens, dogs and kids.)

Answers to Jim Standen’s questions:

Salt Spring Island and Ganges do need more charging stations and more dedicated EV parking. In my role as fire trustee, I have discussed the possibility of installing a public charger at the Ganges fire hall but, unfortunately, the electrical service there is maxed out. I’m currently talking with the owner of adjacent buildings to explore the possibility of connecting to their electrical service.

Obviously, I embrace EV technology and want to expand it! At a recent asset management conference, I had the opportunity to discuss with Salt Spring Fire Chief Arjuna George the acquisition of an EV as the next utility vehicle for the fire department. I shared this vision with Jim and Barbara of Transition Salt Spring, and we are currently discussing ways that we can get a sponsored vehicle for the fire department at little or no cost. As for Salt Spring becoming the test bed for EV technologies, I wholly endorse this idea.

As you can see, I clearly and passionately support EVs as an option for my organization.

Having chargers at many places where cars are parked would be preferable. Jim mentions Portlock Park and the movie theatre. What about ferry terminals and grocery stores? Oh wait, Country Grocer already has a couple. (Thanks, Country Grocer!)

Other retail outlets should be considered. A perfect location for a multi-unit charger would be the Centennial Park parking lot.

I believe you can see that my personal commitment to EV technology is strong, long and unwavering.

My closing comment is that I am not waiting for the election to be doing something about renewable energy sources. For years I have lived my personal, as well as a professional, commitment to EVs, and this will only get stronger.

The writer is a candidate for one of two Salt Spring Islands Trust positions in the Oct. 20 local elections.

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