Sampsons share Fernwood history memories



The Sampson family history on Salt Spring Island is rooted in the sunny hills of Fernwood with a genealogical tree that branches far and wide.

Henry Sampson was born in Kent, England in 1830. He came to British Columbia with the Hudson’s Bay Company and in 1859, enticed by the promise of good farmland to own by pre-emption, became one of Salt Spring Island’s first European settlers. And settle, he did. Henry and his wife Lucy Peatson, daughter of the warrior Hulkalatkstun of Penelakut Island, had 14 children and a farm which spread from what is now Fernwood dock to St. Mary Lake. In 1989 a family reunion was held at the Sampson’s Fernwood farm, and about 375 descendants of Henry and Lucy Sampson attended.

Brothers Ken and Charles Sampson, along with Kristie Spencer and Paul Sampson, will present stories and mementos to describe the life and times at their self-sufficient north end farm. Happily, the Sampson family has a large and candid photo collection to share, showcasing the history of this most Salt Spring of families. There will be a question and answer period after the presentation, as well as a table of artifacts to explore.

The presentation takes place at Central Hall on Wednesday, March 14 at 2 p.m., for memories of life and adventures at Fernwood and beyond.

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