Salty Flea market brings the best of the island together

February edition had over 1,100 visitors


By combining vintage goods, handmade artisanal products and interactive community-friendly vendors, the Salty Flea market is bringing the quirks of Salt Spring to Fulford Hall on Sept. 2.

The market was started by Julie Rieter and Bronwyn Clark as a way to bring everything they love about the island community into one space. Initially brought together by their love of all things vintage, the two have created a market space that celebrates oddities, knick knacks and eccentricities.

“The Salty Flea market is a combination of many things that already happen on this island,” Rieter said. “Regardless of whether you’re vending or shopping or you just want to come hang out, there’s room for all of that.”

The first Salty Flea brought 1,100 people through the doors of Fulford Hall in February, and Rieter and Clark are optimistic about the upcoming edition. They have made a few changes to the event after a blind run the first time. They hope that by incorporating outdoor space and a different layout to the floor this time will be even more successful.

“We have just over 50 vendors indoors who will be offering everything from basement and attic treasures to vintage collections to garage sale items,” she said. “We also have handmade artisan wares from salves to jewellery to ceramics and textiles.”

Additional vendors include a hand poke tattoo artist, a tarot card reader, musicians and food and beverage vendors. The event also has a community corner for people to sit and relax during the market.

“We really are trying to make an incentive to give vending spots to those who don’t already have a spot in the Saturday market,” said Clark. “It’s essentially a flea market with some awesome perks.”

Rieter had the initial idea for the market. After she approached Clark with the idea, the Salty Flea was up and running.

“I was just really craving a time and space where they happen all at the same time,” Rieter said.

Though the September event is only the second iteration of the market, Rieter and Clark feel the Salty Flea will be continuing on into the future. Plans for next February are in the works.

“I hope that there are many more Salty Fleas,” Clark said. “I hope it continues and grows. It’s such an awesome thing to be a part of. I’m really excited for the second one.”

The Salty Flea market runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Fulford Hall on Sunday, Sept. 2.

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