Ganges Village Cleanup Makes Major Difference


More than 30 volunteers answered the call for help to give Ganges village and the beach areas a serious cleaning on Earth Day weekend.

An ad hoc committee of the Chamber of Commerce formed to take on the massive task of sprucing up Ganges streets — removing weeds, sweeping and shovelling up dirt, and more — while a beach cleanup effort was spearheaded by Yvonne Poirier. A street sweeping machine was also brought to the island.

Donations of tools, supplies, services, food and beverages from local businesses made it all possible.

Jeremy Milsom, one of the main organizers, gave a big “bravo” to everyone involved.

“For me at the [Salt Spring] Inn, today was so satisfying as the compliments rolled in with our guests who have recognized how much of our island was cleaned, freshened, tidied and brightened by so many dedicated community members.”

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