Gallery: Summer solstice shines light on our island

Photos from a Day in the Life of Salt Spring Island


This year’s Day in the Life of Salt Spring Island shoot landed on the summer solstice — June 21 — and the weather was perfect for capturing a phenomenal range of activities taking place that day.

Scheduled events like the first day of the Tour des Iles festival, the launch of a book about island resident Susan Benson, Family Literacy Day at the library and Bullock Lake Farm Pizza Night attracted our many community photographers and Driftwood staff. But most photos are simply of happenings captured while out and about, or those taking place at individuals’ homes and properties. We are so grateful to people who are willing to share glimpses of their lives and what is important to them.

Photographer Stan Garrod gets the gold medal of Day in the Life dedication for being out from 7 a.m. until dusk and shooting more than 1,000 photographs! He of course whittled down his selections to a manageable number and several are published in these pages.

More photos are available on our Instagram feed (@driftwoodnews). The publication is also available in PDF format here.

Thank you to all of our contributors:

A.M. Matte, Alex Harris, Alura Gilbert, Anna Haltrecht, Ashleigh Gionet, Billie Woods, Carmen Elderton, Dave French, Dorothy Irwin, Elehna de Sousa, Elizabeth Nolan, Emma- Louise Elsey, Grant Grayson, Hannah Brown, Jean Gelwicks, Jean Panepinto, John Howe, Julia Gilbert, Kaori Kumagi, Kristine Mayes, Lawrie Neish, Marc Kitteringham, Marcia Jeanne, Margriet Ruurs, Meghan Carr, Myna Lee Johnstone, Patricia Robitaille, Peter Allan, Sandi Muller, Scott Merrick, Shirley Command, Stan Garrod, Susan Gordon, Trish Cannon.

If you want to see friends, family members, groups or events immortalized next year, make a note that the Day in the Life shoot is always sometime near the summer solstice. Please join us!

Gail Sjuberg, Driftwood editor

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