Cornelia Krikke shares transformative tales

Inspired Perspectives book launches Jan. 17 at library


Salt Spring wellness coach Cornelia Krikke is making an impact with a new book called Inspired Perspectives, which has become a number-one Amazon bestseller in the categories of dance, poetry and conceptual art, and reached the top-five list in four additional genres.

Now local readers will have the opportunity to engage with the author directly at a book launch event set for Friday, Jan. 17 at the library. The collection of poetry and prose about “tales of transformation” intends to provide a path for readers to possibly recover their own inner vision.

“So often the way we see things is defined by the limits of our perception,” Krikke observed. “We all get stuck. We often don’t use available tools to shift our perspective.”

Krikke’s creative and wellness coaching work arrived through her own transformation. She is an MBA who left the corporate world after finding her lifestyle was impacting her health in the form of an autoimmune disorder. Many of the people she coaches now are undergoing the same type of experience, in which they’ve reached a wall in their work careers that is negatively impacting their health. Finding their individual means of creative expression, whatever that may be, is a large part of getting themselves back to health and happiness.

The Inspired Perspectives book also fosters personal transformation but in a less directed fashion. Krikke invites readers to explore the world in a playful manner through the example of written tales, with the hope that everyone can broaden their vision for deeper understanding of themselves and others. 

The tales in Inspired Perspectives are divided into three sections. There are lighter tales that prompt active play and moments of joy; stories that illustrate how a changed perspective offered a breakthrough for someone; and those of “numinous experience” that recount more mysterious moments. 

The book launch, which runs from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m., will be an interactive event rather than just a reading. Krikke will have time for questions and answers and will also provide the opportunity for more engagement in small groups for those who wish to participate. 

Inspired Perspectives is available locally at Salt Spring Books and Old Salty.

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