Local COVID cases at 24 in one week


The Gulf Islands have recorded their highest number of COVID-19 cases in a one-week period since the beginning of the pandemic.

From Oct. 10-16, 24 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed by the BC Centre for Disease Control.

As the average daily case rate of new cases per 100,000 population sets Salt Spring’s rate at 20 (or approximately two new cases per day based on a 10,000 population) and the other Gulf Islands at zero between Oct. 12 and 18, all of the 24 cases can be assumed to be on Salt Spring Island.

As well, Island Health has extended the dates of an exposure notice at Fulford Elementary School to include Oct. 5, 12 and 13 from the originally posted Oct. 4, 6 and 7.

Click on the chart above to see the number of cases and trend for the southern Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands region for the past four weeks.

  1. Cecile Petra says

    Throughout this pandemic it has never been specified what a “case” is. Is it an active infection, or simply a positive PCR test that the FDA now admits is not best practices for diagnostic purposes due to excessive false positives? Reporting on “cases” does not give us the true picture. Furthermore, are these cases occurring in those who have received the vaccine? This is vital information to know, along with the time lag from injection to diagnosis. And lastly, why is the media not simultaneously reporting the numbers of those recovered from active infections? Why not send a message of hope rather than focusing on “cases, cases, and more cases”. This is fear generating in my opinion and everyone knows what fear does to the immune system!

    1. SSiDancer says

      Talk about turning a regular report into an attempt to dismiss it, question the authenticity of it, put out questionable and or misleading information in reference to it and then sum it all up as fear mongering propaganda.
      I suspect that a covid infection for a significant percentage of the population would do significant more damage to those infected and their immune systems than what fear does to the immune system.

  2. Will Cupples says

    I was a bit surprised by the statement above that, according to the US FDA, PCR tests are not “best practice”. So I googled “FDA Covid-19 PCR”. While my search was certainly not exhaustive, several FDA pages — aimed at the public — contained nothing that could be interpreted as “not state of the art”. The FDA’s 2021 Safety Communications lists one advisory that a particular PCR test was subject to false negatives plus a subsequent annotation that the manufacturer had withdrawn that test. There are three notices for different antigen tests that are unrelated to PCR tests.

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