Lady Minto Hospital Medical Staff Association Message to the Community


As we anticipate the Thanksgiving long weekend, a time when we normally get together with family, it is a good time to reflect on what we, as islanders, have to the thankful for.

We have had a low rate of COVID infections since the outbreak of the pandemic and we have not had a community outbreak on Salt Spring. In particular, our seniors living in residential care have not been exposed to outbreaks. We have had strong leadership from our public health team, including our provincial health office, Dr. Bonnie Henry and our Minster of Health with clear and unambiguous guidance on how to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

As the long weekend approaches, it is important to continue to follow the public health orders and guidelines;

  • Maintain our bubbles of a small number of close family and friends
  • Limit our gatherings, including restricting our Thanksgiving gatherings to those already in our bubble
  • Maintain physical distancing when in public or with people not in our bubble
  • Wear a mask to reduce droplet spread and limit the potential to spread viral particles from infected individuals, including those who do not have symptoms, or to inhale viral particles from others
  • Wash our hands frequently

We can continue to limit the spread of COVID on our island, and across B.C. if we all continue to follow these rules.

In the coming weeks, the annual influenza vaccine will become available. Vaccination against flu will help to reduce the amount of respiratory illness in the community. In the coming weeks, there will be information available abut how to get a flu vaccination on Salt Spring while maintaining public safety and infection control processes consistent with the COVID rules and guidelines.

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