Lady Minto Hospital Medical Staff Association Message to the Community


Please be kind.  As we move into month seven of the pandemic, in the medical field we are seeing more episodes of people lashing out at others or disregarding the rules.

If you are feeling irritated, whether with the receptionist at your family doctor’s clinic or the unit clerk at the entrance to the hospital, please remember they are doing their best under extremely difficult circumstances.

New policies, new technologies and ongoing stress are taking their toll on many of our staff. This also applies to all those individuals who are working in the community at grocery stores, the recycle depot, pharmacies and restaurants, to name a few, so that the rest of us can carry on with our day-to-day activities and enjoy our summer as best we can.

Please do not take your frustration out on all the wonderful individuals who are trying so hard to keep all of us safe.

We hope everyone has a chance to enjoy the BC Day long weekend with friends and family, but please follow the rules. If you are attending the farmers market this weekend, please remember to social distance and wear a mask.

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