CRD implements employee vaccination policy


The Capital Regional District is joining other governmental organizations in mandating that its employees be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Throughout the pandemic, the CRD has aligned its response to support the overall provincial pandemic response and has continued to deliver critical and essential services to the region, such as drinking water, waste management, social housing, regional parks, and emergency management,” said CRD chief administrative officer Bob Lapham in a press release on Wednesday. “The CRD has, and continues, to strongly encourage all of its staff to be vaccinated. While we are confident that the overall vast majority of staff are vaccinated, implementing a vaccination policy at this time is one additional measure to ensure our workplaces, our staff and our public are as safe as possible.”

The CRD has approximately 1,100 employees.

By Dec. 13, CRD employees and volunteers will be required to prove their vaccination status with their BC Vaccine Card to confirm they are fully vaccinated.

“The Dec. 13 timeline was chosen because it allows sufficient time for employees who have not yet received their first dose of vaccine to be fully vaccinated,” explained the CRD press release. “Refusing to comply with the proof of vaccination policy by Dec. 13 may lead to employment consequences which could include the cessation of employment.”

Accommodations will be made for the few employees who are unable to be vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons.

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